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Solar Powered DC Water Pumps


Solar Idea Tspl aims to be a major supplier of solar submersible pump and solar surface pumps in the world with the help of our dedicated development team and our close cooperation with leading pump suppliers. Our goal is to contribute towards rural development with renewable energy and sustainable design.

These pumps are convenient to use and cost effective. With solar powered pumps you can have a reliable and convenient water supply all around the year. These pumps will provide you independence from grid electricity and are much more reliable than grid connected pumps You are not affected by power outages as you generate your own electricity to power these pumps. The entire system comes along with controller, solar panels, mounting structure, cabling etc. We help you to install the entire pump. These pumps have proven field reports of working in cloudy conditions.

Solar (DC) Water Pump for Agriculture

Product Water Output (Liters/Day) Depth Required Solar System
1 Hp 10,000 200 FT 900 Wp
2 HP 21,000 200 FT 1800 Wp
3 Hp 34,000 200 FT 2700 Wp
5 HP 57,000 200 FT 4500 Wp
10 Hp 1,13,400 200 FT 9000 Wp

Providing Drinking Water with Water Pumps

Solar Idea Tspl Solar has installled very efficient solar water pump in small villages. We use DC motor since solar power is a DC source. This system is highly efficient as it avoids filmsy power electronics. It is capable of drawing water from 300 ft depth at quarter HP power. This allows pump to run on a cloudy day or early morning when radiation intensity is low. Max flow rate is 30 liters/minute which is enough for supply of drinking and potable water. Such low flow pump will prevent over usage and maintain good water table. It can provide 6000 liters of potable water in a day which can be stored in a overhead tank and supplied in a village.

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