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Centralized Solar Street Light System

A Unique Approach to Build Solar Powered Street Light Systems for Industries Solar Idea Tspl has developed a robust street lighting system specially designed for industries and large campuses.

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Solar Rooftops for Residential Use

  A small solar electric or photovoltaic system can be a reliable and pollution-free producer of electricity for your home or office. We offer 1 to 5 KW size home systems to provide custom

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Off Grid Solar Power Plant

  Off-grid solar power plant is most versatile energy product that gives complete energy independence to the consumer. With Solar Idea Tspl standalone power plant, the customer can have ac

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Solar Powered DC Water Pumps

  Solar Idea Tspl aims to be a major supplier of solar submersible pump and solar surface pumps in the world with the help of our dedicated development team and our close cooperation with

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Solar Power Solutions for the Education Sector

With India witnessing rapid development in the Education sector, a large number of schools, colleges, universities etc. shall be constructed to cater to the ever growing population of students in t

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Corporates & Institutional solar Installations

Solar Idea Tspl provides engineering consultancy and EPC services principally focused on the oil & gas and petrochemical industries. The Company has also diversified into sectors like infrastru

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NGOs and CSR

Installation of Solar PV power packs which comprises of 3nos of LED lights (2LEDs of 3W & 1LED of 5W), 1 DC Ceiling fan (25W) and 1 solar charge controller with mobile charging point in eac

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Solar Power Solutions for Petrol Pumps

Solar Idea Tspl is constantly evaluating solar applications in order to reach a wider customer base and varied business uses. It has come up with a complete customized solar power solution for petr

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