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  • IDEA TECHNOSOLUTIONS Pvt. Ltd. has the responsibility to link their valuable customers with the National and International markets. We do understand our customers’ issues by directly interacting with them and making the complex issues simple and resolve it as soon as possible so that our customers will be happy.
  • We are committed to develop the high end technology solutions with constant innovation, continuous improvement and value added services”. Effective teams have clear mission and purpose to show the right direction and purpose helps the teams to achieve the goal.
  • Our mission is to continue to help expand the global solar energy industry to make solar power a clean, reliable & reachable energy source for everyone in the world.

Our Values

  • Providing technical excellence to ensure the successful delivery of renewable and sustainable energy projects globally promptly and on budget.
  • Delivering outstanding service to our clients to ensure they benefit from the profitable development of renewable energy projects.
  • Making a significant contribution to sustainable development by advising on the reduction of carbon footprints locally and globally.
  • Bringing environmental, economic and social benefits to local and regional communities around the world.
  • Supporting and promoting clean, secure and economically viable renewable energy developments to ensure decreased dependence on fossil fuels with the aim of mitigating the worst effects of climate change.

Corporate values

  • Deliver excellence in terms of technical quality, service, safety and value.
  • Maintain our flexibility and adaptability as we continue to grow.
  • Maintain our integrity at all times and communicate openly.
  • Drive to achieve progress for our clients and our planet.
  • Respect other people, communities and our environment.

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