Solar Lightings

Whether it is a solar street light, lantern or wall light, a solar lighting system follows the same process. A small solar lighting system is ideally suited for a house of 4 people, lighting 2-4 lamps for up to 4 hours daily. Such a solar home lighting solution can help save approximately Rs 7200 worth of kerosene while saving carbon emissions equivalent of burning approximately 240 litres of kerosene.

  • When the sun’s radiation falls on a solar photovoltaic (PV) panel, current is generated.
  • The current produced from the PV panels is controlled and regulated by an inbuilt/standalone charge controller/inverter. The inverter sends the current to charge the battery.
  • When the connected appliances are switched on, the charge controller/inverter also helps regulate the current from the battery, sending it to the output appliance to provide light and energy.