Very effective system

It provides round-the-clock vigilance. The system provides a sharp but safe electric shock when touched, activates an audio-visual alarm when tampered with and indicates visually in which zone the intrusion is taking place. The system can be integrated subject to fulfillment of conditions with floodlighting and CCTV to augment the security at the perimeter.

Reduction in Man Power

Existing security personnel deployed to man the perimeter can be reduced and redeployed for better assignments.

Highly Reliable

The system is devoid of any false alarms. The system can be designed to meet any specific level of security needs.

Very little maintenance

Excessive calibration is not required. Ongoing cost of maintenance is negligible.

Power consumption

Each control unit consumes 25W of power – approximately 0.5 unit a day. With option of Solar Power, the system can be effectively used in remote areas without power availability.