Solar Network Management

About Solar Network Management

  • Our Solar Network Management allows you to remotely control your solar power system so that you have ‘peace of mind’ when you are away.
  • Through Solar Network Management System you can monitor and control multiple solar PCUs, solar charge controllers, and solar inverters. voltage, Mains charging current, Solar charging current, Output voltage, Input voltage, Output Load percentage, and System Operating mode.
  • You can monitor upto 255 devices installed at each site using RS485 communication. It stores the data for you to look at whenever you like.
  • To operate the system, all you need is a browser – you do not even need to install any software or plugins on your computer.


Evaluate solar power consumed versus the power generated

The system helps you to calculate your daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly usage of solar power system. You can judge the performance of your solar system from anywhere in the world.

Identify Usage Pattern of the Solar Power System

It intelligently detects the units used by the solar power system and helps in regulating the system.

Keep Track of All Critical Parameters and Stay Alert

By keeping a close check on the critical parameters of a system, the system can be prevented from any harm.

Pushing Data in Case of Any Alarm or Events

In case of any event, the data can be exported easily. So the reporting is real time.

Control System Settings

You can easily control the system settings by logging in and adjusting the data according to the requirements.

Technical Specification

  • Input supply voltage: 12V - 45V
  • Idle Current: upto 180mA
  • On-board SIM900D GSM / GPRS quad band module wireless communication
  • Broadcast messages in case of faults / alarms
  • RS232, RS485, Ethernet & GSM
  • Micro SD card slot for data logging
  • PFCs for controlling devices
  • Ports for interfacing Analog Sensors
  • LED indications to show various device status
  • Provision of onboard RTC
  • Antenna for GSM / GPRS