DC Solar System

The DC Solar System – Save Money, Make Your Own Electricity

Solar IDEA TSPL’s Solar DC system is the most compact and energy-efficient solar power system. It has an in-built solar charge controller and comes with battery, fans, lights, TV, mobile charging port that run on DC.

Get ready to save money and get 24 x7 power with Solar DC System.



MPPT Technology Based Solar Charge Controller

The Solar DC System has an inbuilt 12V/ 10A MPPT Solar Charge Controller which makes the system highly energy-efficient. For example, if, if solar panels are making 5 amps, it boosts the current to 6 or 7 amps and sends the enhanced current to charge the batteries.

Option to Charge from the Grid When Needed

It is a hybrid system and comes with a 12V/20A grid charger. On cloudy days, the system will intelligently start charging via the grid and will smartly shift back to solar charging when there is enough sunshine. It always gives priority to charging via solar.

Equipped with Protection Against Overload and Short Circuit

With Solar DC system, you do not have to worry in times of overload or short circuit. It is designed to automatically shut itself down should it encounter overload or short circuit. When short circuit is repaired and cause of overload is removed, it will switch itself back on.

Keep a Check on Its Performance through LCD and LED display

The LCD screen lets you see important performance indicators such as how many units of electricity it is making, what is the voltage and current of solar panels, the charging of battery etc. The LED lights show low battery, Mains Charging On and Solar Charging On.

Charge Your Smart Phones and other Mobile Phones

We do realize that mobile phone has become a necessity so the DC system has a mobile charging port where you can charge all kinds of mobile phones.

Easy to Install and Maintain

It is light-weight and wall-mountable. The installation takes only a few hours and very little space making it ideal for small shops and houses that may not have a big rooftop area.

Consumes Very Little Energy to Power Itself

Unlike other inverters that may consume up to 1 unit of electricity per day to keep themselves on, our DC system takes negligible current from battery to power itself.

Bright and Reliable Lighting Through Solar LED Lights

DC light that comes with the system have a great level of brightness and consume very little energy. They can last up to 3000 hours which is at least thrice more than lifespan of ordinary tube lights.